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October 4, 2010

two months ago

I took some pictures of this handsome boy. He was one.

M01 E

He's only a day older than Avery and I can't believe how much the two of them have grown over the last year. He was almost 2.5 lbs. heavier at birth. You can really tell the difference at a couple of weeks old.

*Photo courtesy of KM*

By six months Avery was totally catching up. And totally not amused by N's momma.


At their one year check-ups, despite a small difference in height, they weighed the same. And that's why I believe my breast milk must have the same caloric content as heavy cream. Because Avery? She doesn't eat anything, and N? He eats EVERYTHING! Fast metabolism though, he started walking around 10 months and holy smokes was he on the move at twelve months!

M02 E

And not to be outdone by her brother's cuteness, big sister E was looking super adorable in her watermelon dress that day!

M03 E

I swear, it feels like yesterday I took the picture below while she was playing on her swing set in another fruity dress.


That was June 2008, and now E is in school! I wish I could stop time for just a minute so all these babies could stay babies for a little bit longer. So cute!


  1. My kids are adorable!!!

  2. So I know this is old, but I just looked at it again. It may be because it is late, and I am incredibly tired, but I cried just a little. My babies are so big now!


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