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October 3, 2010

fourteen months

Whoa. The last two months have gone by so quickly and it seems like since month twelve there's been a learning explosion at our house. We've entered into such a fun stage!!

At fourteen months Avery is all over the place! She's really into climbing on/in things right now. If there's a book on the floor, she needs to stand on it. A clothes basket? She should be in it. It's totally adorable to see her try to climb on the couch or anything else that's still out of reach. She lifts one leg and then fusses a bit for someone to help her out! She still doesn't eat much and we're not going to force anything so I know she'll eat when she's ready. She does enjoy macaroni and cheese, yogurt melts, and the occasional chip.

Her vocabulary has really grown over the last two months. She says "thank you" when she hands you something. It's really cute and always makes us smile, especially when she's giving something to the dogs. She started saying Nana (my mom) and I'm pretty sure the first time she says Pop (my dad) she'll get a pony or something else equally over the top. Nana and Pop claim she's a frequent sufferer of RBS - Rotten Baby Syndrome - yet I would say they're two of the main contributors to her affliction. I can't deny she's totally spoiled but her cuteness is a real hindrance to her discipline! Two nights ago I was giving her a bath and she was being so darn cute. She stood up to stomp around in the draining water and I just thought to myself how blessed we are with her and that really, I mean really, I'm not sure we can have another baby because he/she will surely fall short of Avery's adorableness.

Avery still really loves to read and will bring me books and then promptly back up to sit in my lap and read to her. She loves to dance and play with her musical instruments, we listen to a particular Baby Genius CD a lot and we both like to get our groove on. Sadly, I think she's got my sense of rhythm...which is to say that she has none. But she looks really cute!

She does NOT like to take her iron, be held down, or be told no. Deran told her no (in a really nice way) when she was messing with the blu ray player and she turned around and took a full minute to work her quivering lip into a cry. It was both adorable and heartbreaking! So of course she was scooped up for some lovin'. *Please see the middle of paragraph three.*

We really do love this stage, she's so interactive and just so fun to be around. I really do feel so lucky to be her mom. She's growing up so fast, I just want to make sure we take it all in.


Happy 14 month birthday baby girl, we love you lots!

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