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October 8, 2010

an apology of sorts

Avery's had a stuffy nose since Monday. I've been diligent about giving her vitamins and was hoping it would pass quickly but last night was pretty rough. She was so restless and would just sit up and cry because she couldn't breathe. Very sad for her and me because all I could do was administer Little Noses drops and try to suction her nose, which is just awful for her.

After finally getting back to sleep she woke up crying again and then Deran just sat up in bed for no reason. Just sitting there. I told him to go lay on the couch to get some rest but then he just stood by the bed FOREVER. I got Avery situated and was trying to get things put away so I could go back to sleep and he's still standing there. So yeah, I did get a little grumpy. Then he got back in bed and was all, "Don't be so whiny/rude/grumpy/etc. blah blah blah to me blah blah blah." I basically just glowered and said something like I was going to empty the contents of the nasal aspirator in his eye or something else equally pleasant. I know, I know - I'm very sweet and mature at 2:00 in the morning!

He kissed me goodbye and all was well when he left for work. It wasn't until a little later that I started thinking about our exchange the night before and I started texting away. I'm also very sweet and mature when I text. And you can just ignore the spelling/grammatical errors because I make a lot of them.


I'm green, he's white. I love how I'm all, "Sorry you think..." because I'm totally not accepting responsibility for actually acting that way. And I like how I throw in adjectives like, "nicely," because I'm sure I was anything but nice. Sometimes I'm ridiculous.

*And for the record, I'm definitely not making fun of people with disabilities, just comparing Deran to a character in a movie.*

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