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February 25, 2010

why fight it?

Instead, we embrace the mess at meals. Breakfast ended in hysterics two days in a row because I took away her spoon. And Internet, HOW DARE I REMOVE AN OBJECT FROM HER HANDS?! I'm pretty sure that's what she was trying to say in between the wrenching sobs.

I told Deran about the heart breaking breakfasts and how I didn't want her to associate meal time with an unpleasant experience, etc. Deran reminded me that I'm the parent. Wait, what? Hmmm, I must've forgotten between all the diaper changes, clothing changes, breastfeeding, book reading, crazy noise making, block building, and oh! that awesome scar on my lower abdomen...silly me. (LOVE YOU HUSBAND!) Anyway, as her parent I guess that's supposed to mean I have the ability to keep the spoon from her grip.

But you know what Internet? I will always, always, always hand her the spoon if our meals end like this:


And guess who hands off the spoon now too...though I will admit he does try to keep things clean with the first few bites before giving in!


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