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January 16, 2010

saturday morning


After I fed Avery this morning, Deran got up and played with her for an hour and let me go back to sleep! It was really nice, and after that hour I got up and played with her while he crawled back into bed. :) A little while later we decided it was time to go wake him up.

It's kind of hard to mind when such cuteness is staring you in the face.
Please note the mismatched socks. Daddy dressed her this morning and at least they both match the outfit and hey, they are the same brand!


But should you think my sweet tired husband is always so obliging, he's not.


I would say I end up with 8 out of 10 shots like that. And I'm pretty sure if he checks my blog I'll be in trouble. Ah well, happy Saturday!


  1. I see the brothers are very similar on how they dress babies! I love Love LOVE Avery's legs!!!

  2. The twins get the mismatched socks too? Yes, Avery's legs are incredibly adorable and ...tiny. We don't do elastic bands around the legs and socks must be folded down so as not to cut off the circulation. :)

  3. Yes, well, we only have Drake socks (white and gray) and Kera's socks (Pink and white). However, they often end up with one gray and one pink if Daddy dresses them! Not to mention mismatching outfits! :D


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