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September 5, 2009


Deran is currently tucked away in the bedroom, because when Deran gets sick he doesn't just get a cold. No, instead he's all, "I'll take the flu with a side of strep, and I'll end with an eye infection thankyouverymuch." Seriously.

We're headed into the 48th hour of his 72 hour quarantine from me & Avery. However, he still has a fever. So, as long as he has the fever, he's contagious. And can I just say, I'm lonely. He's just in another room but I feel very much alone in the living room with my baby & pugs. I wish we could all be in the same room. Why yes, I am feeling a little sorry for myself!

Meanwhile, Avery celebrated her one-month birthday on Thursday. I have much to say but it's for another post, she deserves her own happy post.

I lost my last grandparent yesterday and that's tough. My parents' parents are gone, something I cannot even imagine. And yesterday as I stood sobbing in the kitchen, I couldn't even get a hug. After leaving the hospital, my Aunt Wanda came over and spent the night before making the drive home this morning. It was so nice to have her company and her hugs. Please pray for our family during this time, as well as Deran's recovery.

On a happier note, Monday is a holiday & I hope you all enjoy the day!

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