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August 13, 2009

random delivery day facts

1. After a delicious Luby's lunch my mom asked if I was sure I was okay because she thought I was being really quiet.

2. My water broke on the way home with my dad, in his company car.

3. Deran left two uneaten hotdogs on the desk in his office and just left work when I called. Fortunately, he later called his brother to dispose of them.

4. My sister, niece, and Deran met me at the entrance to the office building for my doctor. I had to go up to the 9th floor, all the while looking like I'd wet my pants.

5. I knew the baby hadn't turned because I'd felt her head in my ribs all day, which meant we were on the way for a c-section.

6. A c-section, what a bizarre experience for someone who's never had a major medical procedure.

7. I wonder what exactly they used to test the feeling and effectiveness of the epidural/spinal block combo. They asked if I felt the sharpness, so I assumed it was something sharp and yet I wasn't all cut up.

8. The pressure. Oh my gah, the pressure!

9. Deran got to take pictures of Avery's arrival. It's a very strange thing to see her being pulled from my belly. I jokingly tell Deran that it's the photo I want to use for her announcements.

10. I asked why she wasn't crying and a nurse told me they were about to make her cry, it was one of the sweetest sounds and she didn't stop for a long time.

11. I was given something to help me relax b/c apparently I seemed nervous (who me?!), unfortunately it made me see double. In every picture the nurse took of the three of us I have one squinty eye, trying to focus, as Deran holds Avery up to let me see.

12. I'm so glad I'd taken my camera to visit K earlier that day, we have so many images to document the day.

13. I did not love the shakes in recovery, or not being able to feel my legs.

14. I do love my baby and I'm so glad she's here, a week home already, instead of going in tomorrow for what was scheduled to have been her birth day.

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  1. Hehe cute! I can't believe tomorrow would be her birthday. I am glad it is not, because Dane wouldn't be able to come since he's not feeling so well. We all really love our new little niece.


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