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August 19, 2009

flexed feet

I have this habit of flexing my feet. Deran is forever telling me to relax my toes, feet, etc. To me, they are relaxed. I could sit for hours with my feet like that and it wouldn't bother me or even draw my attention.

Last night as I was sitting on the couch feeding Avery he told me to relax my foot and how annoying he finds it when my toes are stretched backward. Secretly I know it's one of the things he really loves about me.

Avery is a wiggle worm! When she eats she's only still if she's about to fall asleep, not a problem at 2 weeks but in a couple of months nursing may get a little more interesting. I noticed last night that she was flexing her feet and leaving them that way for a few minutes at a time and it made me smile.

No pictures and I know that's boring, what with a cute new baby and all. I'll be better soon! At least I'm ordering pictures today, so tomorrow could find a few being posted!!

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