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June 29, 2009


My aunt is visiting and she and Deran have been working diligently since yesterday afternoon to rid the house and garage of junk. We're doing all of this to prepare for the we can get more junk. It's not really junk, in fact I very much wanted all of it, but after going through everything we just received as gifts at various showers--I'm feeling discouraged. We're quickly running out of room to store it all!

But the real reason for this post is to showcase some of my fabulous momentos. I do a little work with a lot of resting in between so I haven't been quite as productive this weekend. I'm okay with it, and the others seem to be tolerant. So I did go outside earlier to help Deran go through the last box of my old things to be stored in the attic. The little gem up above was in a breakables box marked, "Amy's Momentos!" Seriously. I have no idea where she came from or why I chose to hang onto her, but the best part? The best part is her back.

She's a bow. And may the good Lord help me if someone actually has a photo of me wearing this creation!

Once upon a time, or a half-dozen years of my childhood, I was in 4H. I showed pigs and that's why I used to collect them. This one is cute:

But I especially like the view from behind. It really showcases all of the piglets.

This figurine and many more like it used to sit atop my dresser. And lastly, why did anyone let me get a perm at the end of my senior year of high school? I do have lots of natural curl so it wasn't so crazy, but I graduated in 2000. I'm pretty sure perms weren't hip then.

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