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May 5, 2009

cinco de mayo

Today is Deran's 29th birthday. I hope you had a good one D! There are no pictures from dinner--not because D said so--I just got lazy and didn't take my camera. Thanks to all the family members that made it! M, I hope your throat is better...but we are holding it against you. ;) My mom made a delicious cake and I'm still staring at a second piece beside me. We finally got my parents to eat at our favorite sushi place and my mom even tried a piece of my shaggy dog!

Deran got the Kindle 2 for his birthday and thanks to some very generous family and friends, he's already purchased several books. I think it was a great present as he's done nothing but rave about it since it arrived last week. Though I have to say, because of its size it looks more like an outdated electronic device than a new one. Most gadgets seem to be getting smaller but the kindle is on the large side.

I overheard him on the phone tonight telling his friend that he really likes the Kindle 2 (as opposed to the Kindle 3 coming soon) because it "just about fits in my back pocket." I stored this information away and made him prove it when we got home. Seriously, that's when I should've gotten the camera out! There was no hope for the back pocket and he looked incredibly silly when he shoved a corner of it into his front pocket. You make me laugh D, you really do.

Tomorrow is another appointment for the baby and afterwards a little shopping. I have pictures coming soon, really!


  1. You know that fit well in my front pocket :)

    It did fit and the Kindle 3 would not because it is supposed to have an 8 1/2 x 11 screen. You can see the difference between version 1 & 3 here:

  2. My throat is still sore. :( No fever, so that is a plus. I am sorry I couldn't make it either. I am glad that you had a great time, and I hope D had a wonderful b-day. Your moms cake was delicious. I heard my babies got several bites. I'll have to kill my hubby later :D. What are you going to be shopping for? If it's for A, I want to see everything you buy!

  3. D, I mean "Anonymous," I'm totally taking a picture of the kindle in your pocket tonight!

    The Internet needs proof!


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