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April 24, 2009


I happened to glance at the bathroom floor last night and my eye caught the tag of a pair of denim capris. Apparently they're super stretchy. It wasn't on the size label or even the washing tag, that good news deserves it's own label within my stretchy pants. It's all maternity, all the time these days.

Honestly, Motherhood Maternity manufactures some of the most comfortable clothing. I'm not even going to pretend that at this stage in my pregnancy I can fit into my regular clothes. I'm sure some woman can, but at 23 weeks I am not one of them.

It's funny really, because there are some days when I don't feel the extra bit of weight at all and I'm comfortable in my clothes and I think, "It's like I'm not even pregnant!" Then I walk by a reflective surface and catch a glimpse of my profile and realize how silly I am because there is most definitely a baby girl growing in there and hello, I wear stretchy pants. Of course I'm always comfortable in my clothes! And maybe a teeny part of that expanding profile could be from the massive amounts of food I want to (and do) consume lately. Maybe. Probably not, but most definitely.

I have more pictures to share soon from the session with Miss E, a possible newborn, and *gasp* my own maternity session coming in a few weeks. Fun times and photos are in the future!

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