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April 20, 2009


I have it bad, but in a good way. I'm totally loving senior sessions in 2009! I was worried we might have to postpone T's session because of the crazy weather but Sunday turned out perfect.

This girl had great style and is waaay braver than I am. That avenue was pretty funky and she went without shoes most of the time! :)

I've been wanting to shoot at this location for some time but most of my seniors were in a completely different area so it wasn't even an option. I was so excited T and her mom picked this spot!

T and her mom had one special request and I thought it was the sweetest thing I'd heard in a while. T's older brother is currently serving in the Navy and is stationed away from his family. During his senior photos the two of them got a shot together, so of course he had to be in hers.

It was lovely meeting you ladies on Sunday. T--I hope you have a great graduation and enjoy the rest of your senior year!

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