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April 12, 2009

let there be pink

We found out that we're having a girl! That afternoon she received many new outfits and BabyLegs in varying shades of pink. There were a few other colors thrown in, but primarily pink. :) This prompted her daddy to declare that at least 50% of her wardrobe must come from other colors.

On Thursday, when Deran got to his office it was literally covered in pink. Pink post-its, flowers, paper, etc. His lights had been covered with long sheets of pink paper and he had a sweet pink walkway to his office. It was very nice of his co-workers though D did make the comment that he felt as if he'd spent his day inside a stomach. Kind of gross.

So yesterday I went shopping with my mom, aunt, and grandmother and I didn't buy pink. I got red.

I look forward to seeing a chubby little arm sticking out of that tiny sleeve. And really, I think she will look so pretty in this adorable newborn dress by Carter's.

Thanks to our family and friends for all of Avery's new outfits! It's much appreciated and I can't wait for her to be here and actually wear them...but I'll settle for August!

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