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April 30, 2009

the last taks test ever...or at least for today

I teach middle school and tomorrow will conclude our week of taks testing. I administered the 7th grade test on Tuesday & Wednesday. I was all set to be done and be back in my classroom today but I think I jinxed myself. I was feeling entirely too gleeful about having administered my LAST taks test ever! We've decided that I'll be staying home next year with the new baby so that means no tests next year...or for the next few years!

I got pulled around 3rd period because a teacher was sick and needed to go home. Boo. I hope you're feeling better Mrs. B! But dang, my dreams of a taks-free day were stripped away. So this afternoon I'm feeling very blah and to add to it, I started running a low fever. The good news is that I'm pretty positive it's not the swine flu! And really, with all of that dreadful news taking over right now, a little fever doesn't seem so bad. I'm still blah though.

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