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March 14, 2009

rain, rain, go away

The weather here is not very pleasant. It's been a drizzly mess for the last two days and it looks like another rainy day is forecast for tomorrow.

Today's session has been rescheduled for next week so new people pictures will have to wait. I did finally update the banners on my site this morning. If you get a chance, go take a look!

Not much else going on in the Schilling household this weekend. Harper is a very sick puppy, so if you feel so inclined, please send some well wishes and prayers her way. We spent three and a half hours at the vet yesterday and came away with two antibiotics. Oscar is very well and is currently looking for a comfy place to nap in the office. Deran and I have been working on our respective computers all the live long day.

Enjoy your weekend!

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