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March 29, 2009


I think every person has them. I'm not sure I'd like to meet the person devoid of feelings. Being pregnant tends to make me slightly more emotional than my normal self...only slightly. I tear up easily at talk shows, television shows, books, and even really great commercials. Please don't mistake me for a girl who spends all her days sobbing. I don't.

This weekend has been a little up and down. Down because we got some sad news on Friday and so my thoughts have been straying to that family and situation. Up because yesterday Deran and I spent some time watching two of our favorite cousins being three and very cute. I also purchased some new reads at a library book sale. And lastly, today was my sister-in-law M's birthday and she turned 25! My lovely aunt also had a birthday today and she happened to be visiting my parents this weekend so I got to spend some time with her.

I'm just full of feelings. What I want most to feel tonight is the baby move. It's a different kind of feeling. I'm 19 weeks and I'm still not sure I've felt anything. I've done my fair share of googling and I know it's completely normal, I may have even felt the movements and dismissed them as something else entirely. I have so many feelings/aches/rumblings in the abdominal area, it's hard to be certain!

Well, I think I've rambled long enough. Last week's sessions for my cute family members have been rescheduled for this week so I'll be posting pictures of little people soon. I need to snap some photos of our backyard! I think we're going to pay someone to take care of it. Harper has begun to disappear when I let her out but tonight Deran said he thinks it's pretty. I think it's pretty awful!

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