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March 10, 2009

classic pugs

I was browsing the photos on our NAS and came across some old pug photos, circa 2007. Please see the post below as to why I would be doing this. These photos were all taken with Deran's old point and shoot. The quality is not great, but I love them anyway.
In the above photo we had only had Harper for about three months. They were playing with their basset cousin, Molly. I could've easily snapped this same image earlier today. Two years later, Harper still grabs Oscar's face and is always biting, pulling, etc. He still looks back at us with that same sad expression, but at least he fights back these days.

The next photo is another image of Harper playing with Molly. Molly no longer belongs to Uncle D & Aunt M so there are no more playdates. And is it just me, or does Harper look super cute in green?

Lastly, a shot of the two being sweet and on one of the rare days our bed was made and the room was clean. Good grief, I'm glad she's grown into those ears! I never realized they stuck out quite so far. No matter, she was still named the prettiest pug at their vet's office. I mean, it's not officially posted or anything, but it came straight from the vet's mouth...prettiest pug they see.


  1. Oh Molly, she was oh so cute! :( I kind of miss her sometimes. We are such HORRIBLE dog owners, yet sometimes I want another one, because both Drake and Kera love Jack, my moms lab.


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