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February 13, 2013

a whale of a tale

In November, Avery & Deran brought home a fish, a pink Betta that Avery named Goldie.  At first she was Avery's "best friend" and she loved her "so much!"  Avery borrowed my phone and took 288 pictures of her new pet.  She would stare at her tank during meals and talk to her and it was all super cute.  Until it wasn't. 

Sometime before Dean was born Avery really started asking about death and Heaven.  She would ask if she could have a new fish when Goldie died and I always told her that we hoped Goldie would live a long time, etc.  Then she began talking about the dogs she would get when the pugs die.  I'm not kidding, it was all very morbid.  Anyway, we've convinced her she can get her two chihuahuas when she grows up.  I can't commit to any future dogs in our household at this time!!

Soooo Goldie died on Saturday, February 9th.  Deran was standing at the bar, looked over at her tank and said, "Well, Avery...Goldie is dead."  He tells it like it is, y'all!  Goldie was flushed (you're welcome, apartment pipes!) a day later and that afternoon Avery told me she was scared to use that toilet because she didn't want to pee on Goldie.  Thankfully, she soon got over her fear.

On Tuesday when I was helping her to wash her hands after using the restroom she started talking to me about how she missed Goldie and how Goldie was her best friend.  My kid has A LOT of best friends and favorite toys!!!  Then she asked me if there was a heaven for fish.  Do I really think there's a heaven for fish?  No Internet, I do not.  However, she is only three and I can't be all, I believe your fish had NO SOUL!  So our conversation went something like this:

Me: I do think there's a heaven for fish.
Avery: Is it a toilet?
Me:...I's like a toilet...?  There's water and Goldie is swimming around happily now.
Avery: How can she be swimming if she's dead?
Me: Because in Heaven, you're well.  Whatever was wrong or causing you to hurt is all better!

I tried to change the subject and we left the bathroom and went back to reading books over breakfast.  Then later Avery randomly asked, "Momma, how did Goldie grow up to be a whale in Heaven?" :)


R.I.P. Goldie 
11/2012 - 02/2013

**photo by Avery Schilling**


  1. I must say that D got is frankness about telling bad news from his dad. Ken has always loved to be the bearer of bad news!

  2. That is so funny! He actually does many things similar to Ken and I'm like, YOU ARE JUST LIKE YOUR DAD. I think it's mostly a good thing. ;)


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