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November 26, 2012

the most pregnant i've ever been

Though maybe not as pregnant as I'll ever be, tomorrow is a new day and all that.  Avery was born at 37w 2d, so at 38w 1d I'll admit - I'm getting impatient.  Waiting for a baby this time around is really really hard!  With Avery, we knew what her birth date was supposed to be so her early arrival was a nice surprise.  With this boy it's all new and I'm almost to the point I want to just go ahead and schedule a repeat c-section.  Totally not the experience I'm after, but dang.  

For the last six weeks I've been measuring about 4 weeks ahead.  Meaning at my last appointment when I was 37w 5d, I measured a whopping 42 weeks.  CRAZY.  I mean, the good news is that I truly don't feel like I would think someone who is 42 weeks would feel, but I am starting to feel HUGE.  And just this week I noticed two stretch marks.  I know, I know - TWO!  But up to this point, though my belly is most definitely stretched it hasn't left any permanent markings this time around.  Nothing too concerning as I never bared my belly to the masses before this baby and I have no plans to start wearing belly shirts after, just an observation this week.  One that has me feeling like it's totally time to have him.

Our boy is in the 70th percentile, by the end of this week he'll be an estimated 8.5 lbs.  I have another ultrasound and appointment scheduled later this week but of course much like last week, I'm hoping I'm holding him by then.  Though with no signs of impending labor, I have my doubts.  I wouldn't say I've reached a point where I'm super uncomfortable as my daily life continues to be active and if anything I'm doing even more in hopes of speeding things along.  I'm just...ready. 

So before I get any whinier, I'll go ahead and end with a photo of my weekly progression covering the last several weeks.  And ignore the messy bathroom.  And even the wandering eyes, it's hard to take a picture and look normal!


Happy Monday, Internet!  And I know I totally flaked on the 30 Days of Thanks.  Truly though, I'm so thankful for all the things that make up my life.  I've got a great one, I feel blessed every single day!! 


  1. I'm betting on Monday. Think how easy it would be to do the 3rd of the month update for both A & D at the same time! Funny, I just realized that you'll now have two A&D's in your family...same with Don's family...weird, huh?

  2. I think you look GREAT! That little boy will enter the world when he is ready! I agree with Debbie: the 3rd would be a good day.

  3. Debbie, I hadn't even thought about that!! It would be really convenient to double up on those monthly updates. :)

    Thanks, Donna! I surely appreciate the kind words! I'm super excited to finally see him, I know it won't be much longer but I'll take sooner over later any day. If only babies were on our time! ;)


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