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September 26, 2012

because it's been too long

akflowers02 B

It's been forever since I've just gone out and taken pictures of Avery!  We went for a walk on Monday so she could get a cookie from the office and I noticed some really gorgeous flowers in front.  That evening I convinced Deran to go for another walk with us so I could snap a few pictures of Avery.  Nothing super special, she was still dressed from the day so we headed out.  We were out about 5-10 minutes tops!  Avery started sneezing and informed us she thinks she's allergic to flowers.  It's probably true, sadly she has bad allergies. 

akflowers01 B

akflowers03 B

In typical Avery fashion, she stood and sat where she wanted. :) BUT, I still got a handful of photos of my favorite girl cheesin' for the camera.

akflowers05 B

So she's big on smiling but this is a more accurate depiction of how our time was spent...

akflowers04 B

This is what she'd much rather be doing, playing in the dirt or moving rocks around.  Love my girl!!

akflowers06 B


  1. So happy to see Ms. Avery on the blog! She's adorable as ever!


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