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August 8, 2012

senior citizens

Today is my dad's birthday and now both of my parents officially qualify for the senior citizen discount at IHOP.  Is it just me or does 55 seem young these days?!  At any rate, I'm wishing the happiest of days to my sweet daddy today.  

When Avery woke up this morning the first thing she said was, "Tonight, I'm taking a bubble bath!"  She's not, actually.  She had one last night and it was "the best bubble bath ever!"  So much so it was still on her mind this morning. :)  But after that she once again asked if it was her birthday, her party is this weekend so there seems to be a little confusion.  And now to the point...mostly.  I told her it was not her birthday, but it was in fact, Pop's birthday.  She immediately decided that we needed to call him and tell him Happy Birthday.  So we did.  We love you, Pop!  Here's hoping 55 is your best year yet!

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