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July 20, 2012

terms of endearment

Avery has taken to calling her dolls, the pugs, and even us, "sweetie" when we're playing.  It's just about the cutest thing ever!  One day she was asking me a question and I said, "Well, my dear...." and I think it was really confusing because we have deer.  Then we read this book about 842 times, mostly because Avery loves babies.  She's just recently taken to using various terms of endearment.  Like sweetie, and honey, and dear.  I can't hear her say, "Oh, honey!" without thinking about this episode.  Love that show!  Anyway, If ever I start to get exasperated at some new shenanigan, she'll pipe up with, "Well I'm still your little dear."  'Tis true, always and forever.  


The last two nights Avery has stayed up waaay past her bedtime.  I'm partially to blame because I've let her sleep waaay past a normal time to wake up.  This nightlight has been staying on all night and I recently told Deran I think we need to turn it off after she's asleep because seriously, how does she even sleep with all that light IN HER FACE?!  It usually rests on her nightstand but after dark it's often found in bed with our girl and a couple of her favorite ponies.  It slowly changes colors like some groovy lava lamp.  Oh, that little dear!

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  1. Nolan has been trying terms of endearment as well, but his are donkey face and pistachio head. He's super sweet!


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