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February 17, 2012

52 fridays | week 7 | pink

With a small girl around it's never very hard to find something pink.  Though I originally had another idea, I left this week until the last day and tracked down something pink on Thursday afternoon.  I found the card on the counter that was sent to Avery by my parents for Valentine's.  We got it on Monday and she was so excited to see the ballerina card!  I read it and then gave it to her.  She promptly handed it to Deran and told him "Happy Mother's Day!"  It's always the thought that counts, right?! ;)

As an extra touch of pink, she's got a spot in the middle of her pajamas from making multi-colored pancakes last week.  Red food coloring does not always come out in the wash and often makes its way onto other items of clothing.

Her sweetness has been called into question a number of times this week, but to a Nana & Pop who live 200 miles away I suppose she'll never be short on sweet.  And in truth, when she smiles my way it's easy to forget the mischievous doings of my favorite tot.

Week7 Pink Blog

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  1. Lots of pink! Cute shot. And I know what you mean about when they smile, and how you forget their bad behaviour... lol... sweet pic of her!

  2. She is adorable! I love the cute story that goes with the post! :)

  3. I bought the same card for my little girl! What a precious little sweetie! Years from now you'll have forgotten about her shenanigans, because you have that picture of her smiling to enjoy!

  4. Your dd is adorable! I like the story behind the card as well. Those stories need to remembered!

  5. I so know about that smile and forgetting all the trouble they get into. She is adorable and cannot see her getting into any trouble around our house either, she is just too stinking adorable!!


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