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June 8, 2011

stars hollow

Last Saturday night we let Avery take a very long late nap so we could enjoy a movie night in the park. The main attraction? Despicable Me. We ended up sitting behind friends and as we lay sprawled out on our blanket, munching on trail mix, and enjoying the company in our small town, it all felt very Stars Hollow-ish. If that town really existed I would be all, "Texas, who?" as Luke cooked up my regular and Kirk helped Deran take care of some odd job around town while Avery was at dance class with Miss Patty. Man, I miss that show.

Anyway, back to reality, which is actually pretty great too. As I lay back on the blanket watching the movie, I couldn't help but grab my camera to take a picture of my view. Avery and I really enjoy the company of this curly-headed tot and her momma. She was so cute as she stood so still to watch this scene, I didn't mind the view at all.


I've got a patriotic photo shoot with some cute kiddos and some other big news to share soon! Enjoy this great Wednesday!

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