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April 5, 2011

her fifth year

K03 E

I've had the honor of photographing Miss I for the last few years and when her mom contacted me this year she said she was interested in getting the whole family involved. I was excited because Miss I is always dressed sooo cute! Plus she's a pretty little girl and very well-behaved, a dream come true for me! :)

K02 E

K05 E

Her mom picked up the purple five at a thrift shop the day before our session and it couldn't have been a more perfect accessory. Let me tell you, this sweet girl brought her a-game. Is there an America's Next Top Tot Models?! Because she'd totally win! And because her mom is so awesome, she let me keep the five afterward!

K01 E

We were getting ready to move to another location and I wanted to get a few pictures of I and her daddy because I'd already snapped a few with her momma. Her grandmother mentioned that she's a daddy's girl, that she loooves her daddy. But I have to say, I'm not so sure she's a daddy's girl so much as she is her daddy's girl. He'd been giving her crazy kisses that made her laugh, and then he just looked at her for a minute. His heart more than on his sleeve, it was right there on his face. Oh that the world was full of dads who loved their children as much as this one!

K04 E

At our last stop on the way home, I got a few more pictures of Miss I in all her four (almost five) year old glory. She is silly, sweet, smart, and so much more!

K10 E

K11 E

Thanks so much K Family for letting me capture this time, and to P too for lugging around my quilt and taking care of the dog! And especially K - I'm so thankful for your business each year. I've enjoyed watching your baby turn into this beautiful girl. I don't even know what to say really, but thank you.

K08 E

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