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February 4, 2011

blast from the past

Day Three Then and Now

Yesterday's topic for The Joy of Love was "Then and Now." I took a picture of Oscar napping on the couch and in my search for a puppy picture, came across several others in the 2003 folder that made me smile.

This was the day after I bought Oscar. He used to sit on his bum like that all the time and it was so cute!

Taken on a trip to visit family in Massachusetts, this nephew wasn't even a year old. He just turned EIGHT last September. He was an adorable baby and now he's a pretty cool kid.

Me sitting in a park, looking at someone thoughtfully...maybe? Really I'd just like to point out how much more defined my chin/neck area used to be.

I was a senior in college wearing a t-shirt commemorating my high school senior trip. Cool. I was walking Oscar down by the river and looking a little sour. Oscar was about 12 weeks old, and hadn't yet been discovered by the landlord.

Deran and I in New York. And honestly, this one didn't make me smile so much as it made me laugh! We both look really young, I look rough, and Deran just looks ticked. A beautiful way to remember the trip, yes?

This one is actually from 2004, but I saw a folder titled "pictures so wife doesn't kill me" and had to look inside. I'd just been complaining that Deran moved our photos around and I couldn't find our wedding photos anymore, and somehow that folder showed up on the shared drive shortly after. Me & my dad at our wedding reception. I imagine wedding days to be emotional for parents anyway, but my dad was just days away from losing his own dad to cancer after a tough year of caring for him. Family emotions were high, but my dad was there for me that day. I remember starting to tear up and maybe freak out just a little right before my girls started walking down the aisle and my dad taking me in the bathroom, telling me it was all okay and then blowing in my face while I tried to frantically fan the tears away and calm down. And what do you know, it did all turn out okay. :)

And last but not least, my heart photo for the day. Avery's playhouse. She LOVES her house. She'll just go to the back door and repeat "house" until we go outside to play. It was an early Christmas present from Nana & Pop and I hope we're still playing with it next Christmas!


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