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November 9, 2010

a gifted machine

Day Nine: I'm thankful for my Aunt Wanda.

She's one of the hardest workers I know, I get exhausted just hearing about her schedule. When she comes to visit my laundry gets caught up, the garage gets cleaned out, old projects get completed - it's crazy! Everyone should have an Aunt Wanda.

She's a Jill of all trades and I'm so glad she belongs to us. Over two years ago my Mamaw gave me her old sewing machine. One weekend during the summer of 2008, my Aunt Wanda showed me how to use it and how to make my own patterns.

Of all the crafty things I do around here, sewing is one of my favorites. Whether I'm using a pattern or just making it up as I go, I LOVE the feeling of being able to create.

My first sewing project was a pillow and a doll, using a pattern from The Black Apple's stint on Martha Stewart. The little gal below was my second doll to sew. I don't even have that machine in the house anymore, I've gone all modern now with a machine you can pick up and move around.


Thanks Aunt Wanda, I love you for lots of reasons and even if you didn't cut Deran's hair or fold my laundry - I'd still want you around. :)

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