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October 6, 2010

breast cancer awareness month


At the grocery store the other day I picked up a mixed bouquet in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I've been buying fresh flowers for over a month now. It just makes me happy to walk into the bathroom and see pretty flowers on the counter, or walk through the kitchen and catch a glimpse of colorful blooms.

I put this particular bouquet on Avery's table in the living room. She's still too short to actually reach the middle of the table so we're safe! She is not too short, however, to reach the crayons. And crayons around these parts have been takin' a serious hit lately. One day Oscar chewed the end off a crayon and since then Avery has been biting them off too. I say, "Don't eat that!" or "We do NOT eat crayons" more times than I'd like in a day. Coloring is most definitely still a supervised activity.


On a more serious note, because it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, please take a minute to check out your body. And not just your breasts. While I know two sweet women who passed away fighting breast cancer, it's not the only cancer out there. My mom had leukemia and survived. My sister had lymphoma and survived. My grandfather had lung cancer. Deran's aunt had bile duct cancer. And the list could go on.

Chances are, you know someone who's had cancer or whose family has been affected by it. Early detection is so so important. Please take a minute and check yourself out.

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