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September 19, 2010

love wins


Last Sunday when Deran was mowing he called me outside to take some pictures of a weed he noticed while mowing. First of all, I have no idea how he sees these things! He's all bee-boppin' along with the iPod, push mowing, and he sees this. Crazy. But, I digress.

I go outside and as he shows me the weed he says it's like a hostile takeover. But the first thing I notice is the heart-shaped leaf on the weed that's taking over. Later when he finished and came inside, he asked if I'd gotten any good shots of the wraparound. I asked him if he'd even noticed that the leaf was shaped like a heart and he replied that he hadn't. And then he said, "So love wins." And yeah, I think it does.


Yesterday we celebrated six years of wedded bliss. And okay, maybe not every single minute is blissful, but we have a good life. A great life, actually. We spent a lazy day with our girl and at various crazy times we would talk about what was happening at the same time on our wedding day, how we'd envisioned spending our 6th anniversary, life so far, etc. And after Avery was tucked in bed and Deran lay on the couch watching Revolution OS (yes, it's riveting...but only if you're like Deran), it was agreed that though everything might not be perfect, we absolutely would do it all again. Because our life is so good, and our love? It wins.

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