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June 8, 2010



Avery & I read a lot, various books, every single day. Sometimes she participates and sometimes she listens...and sometimes I just read aloud while she plays with other toys.

At some point during the day I pick out a stack of similar books and we get to learnin'. Yesterday was colors. On a whim last week I picked up a box of large crayons at Walgreens while waiting on a prescription. Is she too young for crayons? Yes. And no.


I like to get the crayons and a few sheets of paper and go to work. I draw shapes in each color, create matching games, and draw objects that are RED! or BLUE! or GREEN! It's fun for me and I think she enjoys it too. She grabs the crayons and I exclaim, "You got the purple crayon!" and we go on like that. She's recently started banging objects together so it's fun when she's holding two, she gets a little frenzied. I hold her hand and guide her to make a mark on the paper and I spend a fair amount of time guiding the same hand away from her mouth.


She obliges me for a while, and then moves on to more interesting endeavors. Like playing at her activity table.


And cruising along the couch.


But she's listening and learning, I just know it!

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