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April 30, 2010



At the end of a yawn. Isn't it heinous?! I usually have my iPhone close by and while Avery & I were looking through pictures I noticed I'd taken quite a few of the pugs over the last month.


Since Avery's arrival, the pugs haven't exactly been the pampered pooches they once were. I still love them, I do, but Avery's much better! As we were waiting to be taken back for my c-section I cried for my dogs. I cried because that morning when I left the house I hadn't given them a proper goodbye. I put them in their kennels and said farewell, expecting to be home after lunch. And then I wasn't and I was so upset they'd think I'd abandoned them. Yep, that's pretty much what was going through my head just before my body was cut open and my baby pulled out - I didn't give the pugs a proper goodbye.

And now? Well, it's different. They don't sleep in our room anymore, I never lay on the couch to snuggle during the day, and those little personality quirks that used to be endearing are now a tad annoying. Like really annoying. But then Harper does the things she does and it makes me laugh.


They're much sweeter to one another than they used to be. Sometimes I see them and I just think, "Awwwwww."


And I'm glad I have my phone nearby to get a picture because by the time I get the camera out and on, etc. the moment may be gone. Those two can be fickle.

So I love my dogs - no really, I do - but it's different now. I love them like...dogs. Because Avery? Well, I can't help but love her best.


I put that red shirt on her and promptly decided I was going to add ruffles to everything she owns. "She shall spend her summer in ruffles!" I thought to myself. Because how cute is she?! I kept telling her all day how beautiful she is and really, I think she's adorable everyday but today I was like, "Whoa - CUTE OVERLOAD."

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