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February 18, 2010

thrifty thursday (minus the thriftiness)

It's easy for me to rationalize spending money when it's all on Avery, seriously. Deran can be all, "You spent how much?!" But then I show him how every single thing is so cute and look! Some of those things are educational too!

So I thought I'd come clean and share a few of my recent purchases.

1. Felt. Wood. Scrapbook paper. All from this place. I've got crafty ideas coming out the wazoo.

2. Shoes. My sister loaned me two bags of my niece's shoes from last year. However, Avery has teeny tiny feet (I may have mentioned it once or twenty times) and at this rate those borrowed shoes will fit her when she's two. So I got these...and these, but in a size 1.

3. Clothes. Too many clothes! All from Target. I can't help that there have been some really adorable selections out lately!

Because posts are better with pictures, I'll leave you with the photo from our Valentine card. You know, the ones that are labeled and in envelopes waiting for someone to take them to the post office. I'm mailing them tomorrow! It's still February friends, let's just love all month long!

AV01 E

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  1. Seriously, you need to enter her in a baby picture contest!! She's too adorable


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