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January 18, 2010

a musical monday


We started a new class today and above is the cover of our new CD. Avery wasn't too sure about class at first. She had just woken up and there was a lot to observe. I think we'll both enjoy it. She really liked beating on the drum, it made her smile.

She also has a cool new instrument to practice with at home!


In other baby news, she's ROLLING. She rolls from back to tummy, left or right. She doesn't roll from tummy to back yet but it's close. We practiced the back roll a lot more, she's getting to be a pro -- four rolls yesterday and three today. Of course this means the mat is no longer as entertaining.

I tried to catch a roll and lay on the floor for a while but she just decided to play and kick. Deran got the fourth roll on video yesterday. Maybe I'll catch one tomorrow!


Totally unrelated, but I'm loving my camera at ISO 1250...2500 is another story, but 1250 is pretty great!


  1. Jealous that your camera does so great at ISO 1250!!! I hate mine at 600, and 800 ew! :) Love her new little rattle toy! Very cute!

  2. Well it still depends on the light, I've taken very noisy pictures in other rooms with the same ISO. :)


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