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December 13, 2009

the turning point

I think I've finally reached one. Gluttony and I go waaaay back, we're like thisclose. At the end of my senior year of college I began to gain a little weight and one morning I had four waffles for breakfast. That's right, 1-2-3-4. I thought that was the turning point, no way would I continue to gain weight. Even after eating them, I couldn't believe I'd scarfed down four waffles. The problem is I didn't make a sharp turn, just kind of veered in the right direction.

Fast forward five years and guess what?! I've not only not lost any weight, I've GAINED even more! So this week several weight related things have been brought to my attention. Starting with these.


Those would be the crumbs from the four dozen cookies my husband and I consumed in three days. Yeah.

We've watched the last three seasons of Biggest Loser (the most awesomely inspiring weight loss show ever), and every Tuesday night we sat down to watch, we'd have takeout from various restaurants. During the finale last week we had burgers from McDonald's. We finished it off with some pecan pie a la mode. So when I went to get ready for bed and brush my teeth, I noticed I had pie on my shirt. The next day, I found cornbread from lunch in my bra. Oh yes I did! Which brings me to last night. We had my parents over for dinner and afterward as we were all visiting I stood up and then leaned on the table making faces at Avery when we heard a loud crack and felt a slight shift. I split the table in two. SPLIT.IN.TWO.

My dad & Deran were able to repair it with some wood glue and a necktie, they're nothing if not resourceful!


Internet, I've reached the turning point. Stay tuned for progress reports!

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