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May 19, 2009

it's a mystery

Since acquiring a lawn man several weeks ago our yard has been kept nice and neat...with the exception of some wildflowers. We have yet to fertilize this year and have been plagued by weeds and wildflowers. D took care of the weeds but random yellow flowers have been popping up all over the front yard. I think we all know the back is a lost cause!

Anyway, neither of us really cared because they don't look bad and it's just a few days before the next mowing. Well last night after Deran got home he asked me if I'd plucked all the flowers from the yard because apparently that's what he thinks I would do with the three minutes of spare time I have. Um, no.

And so the mystery is what happened to the dadgum wildflowers? They're completely gone, like they were sucked back into the earth. There's not a petal left! When I pulled into the driveway this afternoon I thought the yard looked naked without those yellow flowers. For now they're gone but I'm sure they'll reappear next week!

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