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March 6, 2009


I think that sums up the past few days.

I took some mediocre pictures of my puglets. I think they're cute because of my subjects. Oscar stayed on the couch most of the day.

You can see how excited Oscar was to have his photo taken. Please don't come to my house expecting to receive back support when seated on the sofa.

Harper was nothing if not helpful. She even got the coat hanger herself, just waiting for me to start working on the laundry.
And good grief! That treadmill was just moved to the living room and yes, that dust does mean it hasn't been used in a while. It's starting to get some use...and I don't just mean from Harper!

Would you look at all those pug toys?! I don't know if we'll have room for the baby's things. I'll end with another picture of Harper Bea. She so rarely tilts her head like a pug but I caught her just before I let her out. Apparently she did not understand all the crazy things coming out of my mouth.

I love my pugs, it's true. I do have real sessions scheduled this week so people pictures will come soon!

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