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February 18, 2009


So my sweet little neighbor came over with a friend today to deliver an invite to her family's weekend Mardi Gras celebration. Before the girls could run off and play I pounced on them with, "Are either of you a girl scout?!" When my neighbor said "Yeah, I am." I was all, "Are you selling cookies?!" And that is how it happened.

Yeah, there are two rows. I have been craving girl scout cookies for the last few weeks and I've been pestering Deran to find out if any of his co-workers are selling. I've had no success in my quest for caramel delite goodness...until today. Sweet H brought over her order form, I gave her my check and she promptly delivered my cookies. All. Six. Boxes.

So I gingerly opened box one of my caramel delites and ate a cookie...then another...and soon enough, this is what lay before me--an empty row.

When I decided to document my cookie binge Deran had to have one. I told him, "I bet you can't eat just one!" and I'm almost positive Lays stole that slogan from the Girl Scouts of America. He ate it, then immediately said he needed five more. I'm pretty sure he was making fun of me, but I also think a few more will be missing when I'm finished with this post.

So I ate one more caramel delite, bringing me to number six--the title of this post and the number of boxes of cookies I bought this afternoon. And actually, that doesn't include the two thin mints I ate...I was just trying to help a little girl build courage, confidence, and character.

**Update: Deran ate NINE cookies to finish off the box. You really can't eat just one!**

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  1. LOL Great blog!!! :) MmMMMm **licking lips** Thin mints!!! Oh my that sounds delicious!


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