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February 23, 2009

my baby has a heart

Not that the presence of this organ was ever really in question because we've seen it beating rapidly on screen a few times. But today, today I got to hear it!

I went in today and came out with some antibiotics but while I was there of course they checked on the baby. It was really neat and I could tell the baby was moving around but we got to hear the heartbeat and everything is great. When I found out she would be checking the heartbeat I was sad that Deran wasn't with me, but it wasn't a scheduled appointment so he didn't take off. My sweet mom was nice enough to go with me and I hurriedly got her out of the waiting room so she could come listen too.

So my uterus is happy. And that's not just my body talking folks, that's a direct quote from the nurse. Apparently it's in a good position so that makes me happy too. :)

I'm sorry if you came looking for pictures, it's all talk today--and female talk at that! I'll be back tomorrow with a peek from Sunday's session. I had a lot of fun with C and his mom. He's a super cool senior and he didn't even blink when I asked him to pose with an oversized inflatable phone!

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