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December 8, 2008

the memorable m family

The M Family members were real troopers. We started pretty early on Saturday morning and it was cold! Fortunately I like to make family members get reallyreallyclose to each other so I'm sure they stayed warm!

How cute are these two?! No worries, a daddy and an uncle had a very strong grip on them from behind.

I'm lucky enough to count this sweet girl's mom as my first cousin, so you'll be seeing plenty of her on the blog. And really, could you ever get tired of three year old girls in pink furry coats? I think not.

This brother was so into cheesy poses! I swear, I really had to work to make him look normal! Just kidding, he thought I was pretty lame. It's okay though, I like many of his images the most.

Thanks M Family, I enjoyed our time on Saturday and I hope you all enjoy your photos!

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